Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still riding high on the moving news & drinking lots of champagne cocktails* (they're the new martinis).
Today will be spent cleaning out the walk-in and throwing out as much as possible. It will feel good- like a brain cleaning. There are many furniture decisions to be made. We seem to mostly be of the 'toss it' mentality as opposed to the 'keep it til we can afford to replace it'. Besides, is there anything more lovely than eating Chinese takeout on the floor of a new apartment? (Goodbye table!)

My wrist isn't totally healed but I am sewing again which feels great! I will finally be able to finish my sweater!

Not too much else new. I miss all you EST people and look forward to many summer adventures.

Still trying to keep it interesting at:

And lastly, some cat photos to add some color:


* Champagne Cocktail:
-Hold a sugar cube close to the mouth of your bitters bottle and tilt once, soaking the cube.
-Drop bitters cube into empty champagne glass and then fill roughly halfway with champagne
-Observe major bubbly overflow and top off if necessary.
-Sip in the most glamorous way possible.

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