Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adult Photos

After 8 years of abusing the cheap mattress we bought in NYC (which seemed ohsoexpensive at the time) we decided to buckle down and buy something good for our old people backs
Seeing as we are total boozhemians (copyright 2011) we decided to buy from Keetsa because they're all organic and regular mattresses involve a surprising amount of scary chemicals.
Keetsa's business model drastically cuts back on transportation costs for production, distribution, and retail, which means they are less expensive than other good mattresses.
For example, they come air compressed in boxes small enough to put in your car:

The model we chose came in two parts- the coil based bottom and the memory foam top.
This is chris cutting open the top layer:

Which unrolls, unfolds, and then fills with air.

It takes a few hours to plump enough for sleeping and up to 48 hours until it's completely done. Sad unplumped mattress layers:

VoilĂ !

(We also have am abundance of pillows now to offer as further proof that we are like totally adults. Look at all those shams!)

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